Esteban Ruiz Santiago Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting: A Man Claims Mind Control, Gets No Help, Forced To Do A Mass Shooting

Use this website as a resource guide to the many experts, doctors, engineers, and victims who've tired to shut these plots down but been shut down themselves by this tyranical government in place.

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The same space based weapon used on Saddam Hussein, used on Todd Giffen domestically.

Yugoslavs, Croatians ready for peacekeepers
USA TODAY (pre-1997 Fulltext) - McLean, Va.
Date: Feb 14, 1992
SADDAM CONSPIRACY: An Iraqi newspaper reported that the United States and Israel employed psychics to try to kill President Saddam Hussein during the gulf war. ``The CIA used psychotronics and biocommunication to cause a blood clot in the brain or heart ... a procedure that would have obliterated any evidence of the crime,'' the newspaper Babel claimed.

The "psychics" are government officers with "god mode" in the space capability. By mere thoughts they can remotely control others, remote view, and tap into other peoples information, brains, etc for surveillance. Entire weapon systems are commanded by mere thought alone. They exist all around us: police officers, public officials, Governors, Presidents.. It's the ultimate black world replacement for keyboards/mice/radio/texting/talking/etc. All the communication and system is off the record and hidden. You can use it on the defendants lawyer, Esteban Santiago, and jury to rig the trial various ways..

If you're hearing voices we have a research opportunity. Dr. Robert Duncan AB, SM, MBA, PhD himself has designed a device that might stop the voices. Generated data will prove points about neuropsychological and electronic torture, and can be used in court: December 12th 2016: A message from Dr. Robert Duncan AB, SM, MBA, PhD and Todd Giffen: Subjects needed for research.

For a brief description of some of the mind control tactics being used on people like Esteban Santiago, refer to this document written by government spy/engineer/phycisist Dr. Robert Duncan AB, SM, MBA, PhD: The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report.

One of my psychologists has written a piece highlighting the fraud against certain people being picked off by the government: Seth Farber, Ph.D: The Psychiatric Metanarrative, Targeted Individuals, and the Deep State: A Response to The New York Times.

Hello all. Another Targeted Individual has struck this day of January 6th 2017. Esteban Santiago a man from Anchorage Alaska reported being remotely controlled by the United States government to watch videos of radical Islam to the FBI some months ago. Despite the FBI knowing this technology is deployed and in use by the United States including the FBI, they did nothing but send Esteban to a mental hospital. He was discharged from medical care without assistance with the domestic violence, similar to what happened to Aaron Alexis. Several other targeted individuals have experienced similar not limited to prosecutor/public defender Myron May. Two other media covered incidents involved Gavin E Long, and Miriam Carey. Despite the repeated nature of these incidents, and the patents publically available on the technology, past media coverage of mind control and directed energy weapons, and confirmed nature of the abuse of technology by government, reforms and proper coverage of the issue has been prevented. This has resulted in the shootings by Esteban Santiago.

Meet, Esteban Santiago:
Esteban Santiago Book In Sheriffs Picture

links regarding the January 6th shooting:

Yet Another Mass Shooter Claims: ‘The CIA Was Controlling My Mind’ Melissa Melton of The Daily Sheeple:
It wasn’t as if 26-year-old Iraq war vet Esteban Santiago was a total unknown when he opened fire in the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport baggage claim, killing five random strangers.

Santiago had already walked into an FBI field office weeks earlier in November with claims he was hearing voices and that the CIA was controlling his mind.


So a guy hearing voices and claiming government mind control tries to turn himself in, is totally on the FBI’s radar, but they let him go and soon after he commits a horrible crime. Sound familiar?

When Santiago walked into that FBI field office in Anchorage with his two-month-old son and carrying a magazine filled with ammunition (after flying to Alaska with a single piece of checked luggage that included his legally owned gun), he straight up told the agents that he was hearing voices in his head, he was having quote “terroristic thoughts” and that the government was “controlling his mind” and forcing him to watch Islamic State videos. That’s pretty specific.


The case is frighteningly similar to other mass shooting incidents that have occurred in recent years.

In November 2014, a young lawyer named Myron May walked into Florida State University’s library and shot three people. The media reported that he was crazy and hearing voices just like Santiago.

May also claimed the government was electronically harassing and gangstalking him. Days before the shooting, he sent off 10 packets of information including flash drives (packets which were later intercepted by the FBI) to try and prove what he claimed was happening to him, the point of which he said was to drive him to commit an act of mass violence.


Go back a little farther and you have another similar case of someone claiming to be a targeted individual: Navy yard shooter Aaron Alexis.

The military contractor made similar claims to May, and he even filed a police report in Rhode Island about his “harassment” with what he felt were microwave directed energy weapons prior to walking into the DC Navy Yard and shooting and killing 13 people in September 2013.


If you’ll recall, Alexis had carved “My ELF [as in, extremely low frequency, a reference to microwaves] weapon” into the stock of his shotgun before his rampage.


Go back a little further to 2012 and Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes (who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience and whose family is tied to DARPA and who, years before, was a young intern at the Salk Institute where researchers were working on ways to “neurologically enhance” soldiers at the time, just by the way).


It has been reported that Holmes told another inmate that he thought he was in a video game at the time of the shooting and that “he had been programmed and rehearsed to complete the shooting at the movie theater”. Even since the shooting, Holmes has told people including psychologist Dr. Rose Manguso who interviewed him a year later that he still hears voices in his head.

This list could go on much longer. These are just recent stories. There are many more that go back decades. And this is before we even discuss the technologies being developed for decades through the CIA’s now declassified MKUltra program.

Most of the people claiming this is happening to them are well past the age when schizophrenia manifests. The claims are always similar. Are all of these people really just insane and making up similar stories or is something else more sinister going on here?

Fort Lauderdale Shooter Under Mind Control? Millie Weaver of Info Wars:
Why did the FBI dismiss his claims before shooting?

Mind Control & Mass Shootings Bill White of American Free Press:
For millennia, ritual human sacrifice—traumatic acts of public murder—have been used to manipulate and control populations. By instilling horror and fear through publicly torturing and killing helpless victims, the abusers are able to traumatize the minds of spectators, leaving them vulnerable to reprogramming and the insertion of propaganda messages. By getting away with such actions, often in the name of law enforcement, the abusers take on a god-like dimension that compels servitude among the witnesses. In ancient societies, this process was quite explicit. Victims were crucified, thrown to wild beasts in a coliseum or burned in a public square.

In the modern world, some serial murders, spree murders and phony acts of “terrorism” have taken the place of public sacrifices. Today the victims are often low-level government employees and contractors, targeted because of their availability to the experimenters. The Aurora, Colorado shooter, James Eagan Holmes, the recent Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis, and May, all fit this profile. All claimed to be the target of government mind control weapons before their rampages.

In a typical ritual murder attack, the government selects and grooms the killer, then uses the murder to promote a political agenda. Sometimes this agenda involves gun control, but often the message involves supposed political terrorism or is an effort to discredit political opponents. In May’s case, links and ties were made to former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and Dr. Robert Duncan, the latter being a government scientist who put together the technology that allows the government to transmit thoughts and voices into the heads of Americans.

Esteban Santiago, Aaron Alexis, James Boulware – CIA Mind Control? Andrew Pontbriand of Activist Post:
CIA forced Esteban Santiago to fight for ISIS? The man who shot up the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, killing 5, is accused of having mental health issues. However, these types of incidents are becoming more common, which suggests the reality of these events could be more sinister than we are led to believe.

Was Fort Lauderdale Shooter Another Case of Deep State’s MKUltra-Mind Control? Dallas Darling World News Networks:
With regards to Esteban Santiago, the 26-year-old U.S.-Iraq War veteran accused of systematically killing five people in a shooting rampage at a Fort Lauderdale, Fla. airport, some experts are warning not only do many people in the United States now believe things because they have been socially conditioned to do so, but they believe things because they are being “electronically” engineered to do so.
Since the Cold War and Project MKUltra – the Deep State’s and CIA’s mind control program – governments around the world have been increasingly viewing their own state’s populations with suspicion and national threats to national security.

With 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons and pharmaceutical companies,1 technocratic psy-ops programming (tpp) has indeed become normalized.

Edward Snowden Tweet Hints That The NSA Can Access Your ‘Secret Thoughts & Feelings’ – Telepathy? Arjun Walia via
As most of you know, Edward Snowden is the former intelligence contractor who leaked the NSA’s mass surveillance program and discovered some of the most solid evidence for the existence of clandestine black budget operations. But did we really need the leak in order to believe this? Prior to his leaks, the issue was still considered a conspiracy theory by many, despite the fact that there was still good evidence for these programs prior to Snowden’s revelations.


On October 31st 2016, Edward Snowden retweeted a tweet from NYT Minus Context that said, “Remember that people don’t have access to your secret thoughts and feelings.” His tweet was a response to massive global surveillance, and the fact that nobody really has any privacy anymore. NWY Minus Context was trying to remind people that not everything can be under the watchful eye of the NSA.

The thing that’s confusing is the fact that along with Snowden’s retweet, he responded with, “Well, most people.”

Feds: Airport shooting suspect complained of mind control USA Today:
Two months before Esteban Santiago allegedly unleashed a deadly assault inside the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, the 26-year-old former National Guardsman showed up unannounced – and troubled – at the Anchorage, Alaska offices of the FBI.

There, according to the FBI, Santiago told federal authorities that U.S. intelligence agencies had gained control of his mind and were urging him to fight for the Islamic State terror group. While the report was initially alarming, it was soon clear that the young man's reported complaint was more a cry for medical treatment than a matter meriting the attention of counter-terrorism officials.

Esteban Santiago: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Esteban Santiago, a U.S. citizen and Iraq War combat veteran, told the FBI voices were urging him to fight for ISIS before he allegedly gunned down 13 people, killing five, at a Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport baggage claim carousel.

The shooter – whose troubled behavior had already allegedly drawn the attention of the FBI, Army, and Anchorage police – arrived Friday afternoon at the busy airport on a flight from Alaska, with the gun used in the shooting properly stored in his checked baggage, NBC News reports.


Charges filed against Esteban Santiago for the shooting on January 7th 2017 are "performing an act of violence against a person at an airport, using a firearm in a crime of violence, and causing death with a firearm," all in federal court. See: Esteban Santiago Charged In Fort Lauderdale Airport Attack.

Misguided mental health system needs an overhaul Jim Gottstein JD opinion for
Second, the mental health system clearly did not help Santiago. The system is fundamentally misdirected towards drug treatment for the completely unproven, and likely untrue, theory that what gets diagnosed as mental illness is the result of some brain defect.

It seems fair to assume what would most likely have benefited Santiago was help dealing with his traumatic war experiences. Because of patient confidentiality we don't know, but it seems likely Santiago was instead just given psychiatric drugs.

Esteban Santiago Florida Shooter in Custody

The type of traumatic experiences might have even been mind control. Nobody knows, because government operation is so secret and tight so we can't perform weapons inspections or investigations with NSA surveillance ourselves. Esteban Santiago did go to the FBI but they actually use these weapons on people themselves and have been involved in covering the weapons use up for decades. Psychiatrists evaluated Esteban, but like Jim Gottstein said in his article Misguided mental health system needs an overhaul, all they likely did was prescribe psychiatric drugs, and no other help or insight was provided. In fact, psychiatrists don't have any diagnostic tools whatsoever, and generally blanketly misdiagnose everyone, and prescribe psychiatric drugs- their entire object is the selling and marketing of drugs for profit and use of drugs as weapons on the public to disable people. They don't have any MRI, electron spin resonance, blood tests, DNA tests, and don't do thorough investigations into someones environment, history of trauma or ongoing trauma, and they don't fix such issues even if known. If the government or someone else had performed some kind of mind control on Esteban Santiago, there wouldn't be any way the psychiatrists could tell with their current methods, unless they were working in the black world like many in America do with access to the full secret operation against him, where their purpose is to actually cover up his victimization and it has happened many times in Americas history (see MKUltra 1 million victims, all denied help, framed and discredited by the government. Despite the large numbers, only a couple handful of victims got compensation or acknowledgement.).

Based on a reading of the articles I've seen, the media has continued to lie on behalf of the American government and cover up these atrocities. For profit, they slander and discredit victims of United States brutality, and refuse to come clean or assist victims who suffer from the governments mind control no touch torture programs. It's this environment that keeps the mass shootings coming, and there isn't any foreseeable future of justice coming to the actual victims, the ones the government targets, and makes perform these acts.

An interesting thing about this particular incident is Esteban Santiago remains alive unlike many previous victims used to perform mass shootings. He will be brought to trial, and the law clearly states a man of such character has a right to acquittal, as the Model Penal Code, federal, and state law have adopted, a crime requires a voluntary act known as Actus Reus, and a crime while under mind control by it's very nature in the Actus Reus description is an involuntary act. Mind control is also used to entrap citizens, as law enforcement agents go crazy creating havoc through people they possess remotely, intending to remotely control the person to commit criminal acts (a technology method where an agent can enter anothers body is called EEG cloning). Other defenses include duress- the state of needing to commit a crime to save yourself/others from imminent harm such as being killed/tortured with directed energy, and self defense- one will attempt to self defend themselves/others from the attacks. Involuntary intoxication is another defense- given many forms of mind control require the dosing with by directed energy/electronic devices/biological structural alterations/foreign cellular structures causing various chemical and electrical modifications, or chemical compounds. The US Supreme Court has also stated one cannot be criminalized for ones status because it violates the 8th amendment as a cruel and unusual punishment if you're sentenced because of such. An example of status: being a human experimentation victim, mind control victim or targeted individual- and doing mass shootings and bombings goes along with all three (the result of the lasting long term alterations done to an individual against their will).

Acteus Reus:
For conduct to constitute an actus reus, it must be engaged in voluntarily. Few sources enumerate the entirety of what constitutes voluntary and involuntary conduct. Oliver Wendell Holmes, in his 1881 book The Common Law, disputed whether such a thing as an involuntary act exists: "[a] spasm is not an act. The contraction of the muscles must be willed." A few sources, such as the Model Penal Code, provide a more thorough treatment of involuntary conduct:

a reflex or convulsion;
a bodily movement during unconsciousness or sleep;
conduct during hypnosis or resulting from hypnotic suggestion;
a bodily movement that otherwise is not a product of the effort or the determination of the actor, either conscious or habitual.

Many case laws do exist; a crime cannot be induced- you cannot be put under duress to commit the crime, the crime must be willful, etc.

By reading of the law, it would seem the federal government has to prove Esteban Santiago acted voluntarily, that is he wasn't a victim of mind control, to fulfill the Acteus Reus requirement, otherwise he gets acquitted.

If the government uses your body by torturing, lobotomization, chemical alteration, irradiation, or remotely controlling you to commit an act, should you be put to death or face a life time in prison?

Here's a piece to guide people to an understanding of the situation and law: Mind Control Made Me Do It.

People back in the day were aware that mind control was an issue when existing laws were crafted with defenses in place, and the United States has a rather long almost 80 year history developing and using mind control on the mass population in various forms.

The type of mind control used to actually remote control a human, and put voices and influence onto them to commit mass shootings, and to seek to force a person to join ISIS, is deployed in the governments satellite and radar systems. A grid of lasers in a technique known as interferometry, scan, and alter a persons biological functions against their will, enabling the feat to be performed. These signals harmlessly pass through objects - walls - other people - right into the intended target, and cannot be blocked.

Unfortunately they use it on people to set them up to look mentally ill, often times to make them dead, or to get them locked up indefinitely in psychiatric hospitals or prisons for staffers to frame and assault. Mental health treatment isn't effective, and tends to cause the person to become more injured, more suicidal, and actually makes them truly psychotic.

Here's some mental health education material from the real professionals, none of which will be provided by the mass media, or fraud doctors at any hospital or jail. This material, despite being the backbone for psychiatry today, is completely covered up and hidden because it would damage the profits of the industry and likely lead to incarceration for people it discredits.

Affidavit of Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD.
The "clickable" Whitaker Affidavit.
Dr. Grace E. Jackson Affidavit, including brain damage.

The Case for Neuroleptics Reducing Recovery from 80% to 5%.

United Nations has classified forced psychiatry as torture and asked for the United States to ban it, and found the US in violation of the Covenants directives.

More anti-psych science:

Esteban's lawyers are predicted to provide him inadequate and ineffective assistance of counsel as they're both incompetent and likely almost most definitely double-agents, acting as a weapon against his own interests. In 95% of criminal cases, no trial occurs, no investigation into innocence happens, and plea bargains are recommended resulting in many innocent being behind bars. Your right to due process and counsel effectively means nothing. No investigation into his alleged abuse will occur, no weapons inspection of the government will happen, and he'll face forced drugs and abuse including continued mind control and directed energy assault in custody to make him seem dangerous to himself and others. The drugs they push for him to be put on will tranquilize, lobotomize him, erase his memories, cause brain damage, sabotage his ability to enforce his will and assist in his defense, and will lead to his ultimate death 25 years sooner on average and they'll seek indefinite detention to cover up what they did to him perhaps through an insanity defense. This might be prevented if I have anything to do with it though, as this is an opportunity to get justice for us victims.

This isn't conspiracy theory, it's conspiracy fact.

Seth Farber, Ph.D.
172 West 79 St.
New York, N.Y. 10024
646 707-3693


To Whom It May Concern

I am a psychologist, a therapist and an author.

I had talked to Todd Giffen numerous times on the phone for counseling this past year. I concluded that Todd was a victim of non-consensual experiments with directed energy technology--"no touch torture." I had been consulted by numerous targeted individuals, and read books on this advanced technology by whistleblowers like Robert Duncan Ph.D (author of Soul-Catchers, Vol 2) who had helped develop this technology, not knowing it would be used on American citizens.

Thus despite the unusual nature of Todd's allegations, and because I determined he was not paranoid, I concluded his account was true. He has been diagnosed by over 7 psychologists who confirmed he is not psychotic but suffers from TBI, and PTSD from the torture and targeting he’s experienced.

We met when he was in NYC last week and we discussed his on-going trauma as a result of continued targeting by law enforcement and agents of the military.

He constructed a website that extensively documents the nature and criminal application of this technology on unwitting individuals. See and My understanding is employees and officials in Washington DC have stalked and harassed Mr Giffen, during the past few months he has been in Washington, DC.

Feel free to phone me.

Thank you,

Seth Farber, Ph.D.

The other websites I operate include with compilation of evidence, education, and material on the crimes and weaponry being used on citizens. Most of the content comes from a CIA/DOD/US DOJ/NASA whistleblower/system architect named Dr. Robert Duncan AB, SM, MBA, PhD. He's been going to the government and public on this issue since 2005 and been on TV and radio numerous times, and published books on the matter, yet made no dent on the issue. He went to Congress and Senate, over 20 different ones with former FBI Special Agent and head of Los Angeles Ted Gunderson. The democrats indicated interest, but said until they have power they can't investigate torture like this, and that was over a decade ago. Me and Dr. Robert Duncan are personal friends, he has endorsed the website, hosted material there, provided insider details, and he's given me his personal Harvard email address for confirmation of our friendship.

Robert Duncan <[email protected]> Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 8:50 PM
To: Todd Giffen <[email protected]>

I know how angry you are. It is unlikely they will kill you but the torture sure feels like it. The real issue will be if they can get you to kill someone else or yourself. That will be your internal battle for awhile. Lowering your stress levels will slow the induction process and the rewiring of your brain. Valium helps. I wish I could say it will end well but most likely this will be your eternal battle. You are up against a ruthless computer program and people.
Aaron Alexis was obviously a target. No one can prove it to the FBI.

From: Robert Duncan <[email protected]>
To: seth17279 <[email protected]>
Sent: Thu, Jul 17, 2014 12:36 am
Subject: Re: A serious interview of targets and whisteblowers

Hello Dr. Farber,
I appreciate what you do for TIs.

I don't get involved in individual cases at all. The problem has always been a sound strategy to stop the abuse. Another problem is that these people operate above any laws and there are few skilled enough to decipher the signal intelligence impinging upon the victim. Evidence is difficult to come-by and certainly not understood by the common man that you would find in a court setting. Courts do not have the power to stop this. Public understanding and opinion could sway things but this is a long journey of education. I do what I believe can keep me out of prison and still help inform the populous.

Good luck,
R. Duncan

I run two other victims websites, both extremely credible former government agents, who happen to report being attacked by a weapon system billions have been spent on, and yet the government denies exists. It's classified, and no one wants to go to jail for it.. (Myron May former public defender, prosecutor from New Mexico, and graduate of Florida State University was shot dead after police targeted him and irradiated him for multiple months. Myron shot three to get media coverage for the communities plight, fully involuntary to his will, induced and intended by government officials as directed energy much like hypnosis forced his will.) (Aaron Alexis reported knowing the secret locations of where they've tested these weapons for decades, and after multiple months of irradiation, was shot dead upon entering the Navy Ship Yard to clean house on these bastards. The act of his cleaning house was involuntary to his will, induced and intended by government officials as directed energy much like hypnosis forced his will.)

Several NSA whistleblowers back us up that NSA is being used the way we claim to track, organize, target, harass, and administrate abuses toward targeted citizens. I run several websites with some videos and information on them: (Russell Tice space capability/ballastic missile defense (actually an offensive neurological weapon)/black world/special access programs/satellite/radar specialist targeted citizens with satellite/space capability, and did spooky stuff.) (William Binney former 30 year technical director has compiled information that has been available for over a decade open source on the web. He says NSA is used to spy on, track, and harass individuals with law enforcement cooperation. Government wide they use the planned programmed perjury policy to hide their abuses and secret targeting of citizens. Parallel construction is used across the board, the public is told only a false story, even in court cases they lie and perjure themselves. This policy is deployed worldwide and came from the US Department of Justice. It's one big cover up of the states abuse everyday.) (Thomas Drake confirms NSA is violating the 4th amendment and has subverted the constitution to target everyone secretly, tearing America apart with military surveillance/weapons/man power.)

I've received endorsements by NSA whistleblowers Kirk Wiebe, and William Binney personally. Both are seriously concerned about everything I report being done to people around the globe. They've put their names on it like many others have as well. Godspeed everyone.

Concealed High-Tech Side of NSA Surveillance: Remote Brain Targeting

Offering supportive responses to the many callers who thanked them for their courage in standing up for TIs, as for instance, a man from Florida, who informed them his teenage sons were also targeted, and said, “It takes courage to stand up to a government out of control,” Kirk Wiebe responded to a question by long-time activist Todd Giffen on what they knew of NSA’s more high-tech satellite tracking capabilities. Todd remarked he had done much investigative research, and had documentation to prove his case yet lacked funding and lawyers, to which Wiebe responded:

“We understand the predicament you are in, we have been in similar situations–just because we haven’t seen it at NSA or CIA doesn’t mean a doggone thing…NSA and CIA work in compartmented areas, or on a Need to Know basis. We do know government has a history of experimentation against people, and the DOD has authorization to conduct experiments on people, some with consent, some without consent–they have the power and the money to deliver all kinds of electronic methods against people. We need to do some correlation as a group. Thank God we have people like you.”

Todd Giffen, who created and runs the informative websites,, and, had pointed out that although much information now exists, thanks to Snowden and other whistleblowers about “the low tech side, the fiber-optic bulk acquisition through telecommunications,” we don’t hear at all about the high-tech side, and space capabilities, which he said Russell Tice has spoken about. He mentioned satellite technologies, remote electron spin resonance scans, 3-d holograph scans from military satellites, as well as remote brain scans—described in Malech’s patent of 1974—and through-wall surveillance technology. From his experience of time spent at Oregon State Hospital, he mentioned also that he had seen “security audio and video of staff spying on people, doing a full brain scan.” Bill Binney responded that he could only say he knew of “some of the capabilities they have, but nothing of the nature of what you’re talking about–I’d like to see documentation.”

Todd Giffen suggested they might look up “military radar MRI,” technology which has been around for 40 years, which, he says, is being used now for counter-Intelligence, to torture people who have witnessed Government crimes. In comment, Todd adds, “In fact, military radar does MRI, and all MRI machines are adapted from military radar/satellite tech.”

The NSA whistleblowers wish they could disclose more but the risk of further targeting by the government is too severe. They are treated like traitors, assassinated, and imprisoned for disclosing classified intelligence or embarassing those in government behind these tragedies. As long as they don't disclose classified information they are fine, but there are so many things in this area classified, they can't even say a peep. Russ Tice, William Binney, and many have talked along these lines "as long as I don't say anything classified, I'm fine." The reason they support us so much is because they already know it's all real in the classified realm. No one, not even Congress has the authority to hear these things, and Congress already knows.

White House Protest Washington DC October 3rd 2015

Anonymous Million Mask March+Targeted Individuals White House Protest Washington DC November 5th 2016

COINTELPRO 2016 and beyond
Session: 2
Room: 2512
Time: Saturday 12pm – 1:50pm

COINTELPRO 2016: The New Age of Active Measures by the Post-9/11 National Security State

Back in the 1970s, the Senate’s Church Committee, the Pike Committee in the House and citizens in Media, PA revealed a pattern of meddling by the FBI, CIA, etc. in US domestic politics, harassing and intimidating civil rights leaders, trade unions, and anti-war activists. During the 1980s, despite claims to the contrary, this illegal spook activity kept going. After 9/11, spying and harassment are now bigger and more intrusive than ever. This is COINTELPRO Stalking (COINTELPRO = COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE PROVOCATION). The old FBI methods have been supplemented by techniques from the STASI, the East German Communist secret police. The age of social media has become the Golden Age of Cointelpro. NSA surveillance has been known for a decade, but what happens once dissidents are identified? NSA works with a network of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs) – like the New York Red Squad, and another network of local intelligence offices called Fusion Centers. These direct a secret army of trolls, bloggers, disgruntled misfits, surveillance role players and others numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The response might be gaslighting – convincing the targets they are going insane. They plant bugs, issue slanders and threats, perform character assassinations, and publish embarrassing material. They slash bicycle and car tires, and misdirect deliveries. They want you to drop out of politics. COINTELPRO 2016 must be exposed and stopped.

Diversity of Perspectives:
One perspective will come from grassroots organizers who have personally undergone COINTELPRO harassment while organizing campaigns and other activities. A second perspective is the history of COINTELPRO operations from the 1950s until today. A third perspective is the input from the East German Communist secret police (STASI), which was copied by the FBI. A fourth perspective is the virtual impossibility of mass organizing unless COINTELPRO is exposed and stopped.

Speakers: Webster Tarpley, Daniela Walls, Kyle McCarthy


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